PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are widespread chemical compounds used in various products for their water, grease, and dirt-repellent properties. However, growing concerns about their harmful impact on human health and the environment have emerged over the years. These “forever chemicals” do not break down easily and accumulate in organisms, affecting drinking water, soil, air, and food chains. PFAS has been linked to severe health problems, including certain cancers, weakened immune systems, and reproductive issues. Animals on land and in water are also negatively affected by PFAS exposure.

Milberg has vast international experience dealing with PFAS-related issues.

In the Netherlands, we are assisting a group of fishermen affected by PFAS contamination in the Western Scheldt. Milberg collaborates with American lawyers who have previously taken legal action against companies like 3M and DuPont/Chemours, chemical experts, PFAS damage experts, investigative journalists, and NGOs like ChemSec.

Through these connections, Milberg supports victims of PFAS contamination, empowering them to stand up against the polluters and raising awareness of the PFAS problem.