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Representing consumers in collective actions

Assisting in corporate dispute resolution

50+ years

of experience in class actions collecting billions of euros for consumers


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Assisting corporate clients in commercial disputes

Milberg Amsterdam specializes in resolving complex commercial disputes, by mediation, in arbitration proceedings and before the ordinary courts. The office assists clients in all sorts of contractual disputes and disputes regarding the company, such as shareholder disputes and directors' liability.

Standing up against corporate wrongdoing

Milberg has more than 50 years of experience in the US and internationally with collective redress claims, including both opt-in and opt-out style mass actions. The unique cooperation between Milberg Amsterdam, Milberg in the US, and the various European Milberg offices ensures that consumers can stand up against corporate wrongdoing in a powerful and efficient manner in Dutch collective actions (WAMCA proceedings). 

Meet the Attorney

Robbert-Jan Kamstra

Managing Attorney

Robbert-Jan specializes in both collective actions and resolving complex commercial disputes. He is involved in proceedings with both national and international contexts, and also before the district courts, the court of appeals, and the Enterprise Chamber (Ondernemingskamer) within the Netherlands. He represents clients in mediation and arbitration (such as NAI, ICC and SGOA).

Robbert-Jan gained extensive experience in, among other things, negotiating settlement agreements, litigating in summary proceedings, levying conservatory attachments, and enforcing judgments.

Before joining Milberg, Robbert-Jan worked for more than ten years in the litigation department of Baker McKenzie. During this period, he gained extensive experience in assisting clients in a variety of contractual disputes. He also worked for more than five years as a clerk in the commercial law section of the Amsterdam District Court. During that period, he worked closely with various judges, attended numerous hearings and witness hearings, and he was involved in drafting judgments.

Robbert-Jan also worked for several months as a corporate in-house lawyer during a secondment in the legal team of ASICS’ European headquarters. In this role, Robbert-Jan made strategic decisions, monitored pending proceedings, and advised the board of directors on a variety of legal matters.

During his studies, besides corporate law, Robbert-Jan also specialized in consumer law and conducted research into European regulations aimed at strengthening the position of the consumer. As a Milberg attorney, Robbert-Jan can effectively protect consumers against corporate wrongdoing in collective actions (WAMCA proceedings).

An overview of cases which Robbert-Jan has assisted with:

– WAMCA litigation
– general contract law disputes
– termination of duration agreements (agency, franchise, distribution)
– M&A disputes
– director liability
– inquiry proceedings (enqueteprocedures)
– shareholders’ disputes
– IT disputes, such as failed IT-implementations
– fraud cases (CEO fraud, fake invoices)
– disciplinary law (complaints against lawyers and notaries)
– bankruptcy law
– tendering law